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With, you can now bet on a broad selection of sports, from minor leagues in faraway places to the most prestigious international sports events. Whether you are proudly representing the colours of your favourite team in our Belgian Pro League, picking the underdog to win the next Grand Slam tournament, trying to predict the winner in the next big title fight, or using your highly specific knowledge of lesser-known sports: there is always a way to earn a big payday.

On our sportsbook page, you will find everything you need to make the most of your new favourite sports-related entertainment! Use your extensive sports knowledge and start discovering winning strategies to make your greatest winning predictions. You can do it all in guaranteed safety, because we have all the right licenses to operate legally and therefore offer you the best sports betting options that we can.


Single bets, multi bets, system bets: we have it all!

Is your favourite team or athlete’s big game coming up? Do you feel like they could beat the competition? Then why not make your sports all the more exciting with a single bet on a victory. You will be cheering all the more, as if you are part of the action! Go for a simple single bet or combine your favourite event with several others into a multi bet, where each additional selection intensifies the experience. You can combine different competitions, or altogether different sports. With mouth-watering sports events going on in numerous sports disciplines across the world on a daily basis, you will never have to look long to find the betting option of your choice. For the true sports bettors, the specialists, we have a wide range of system bets. In fact, our sportsbook page allows you to pick any mix that you can come up with. Maximise your winnings now!

Pre-match as well as live betting available

Can you predict the winner of a competition months before that competition is finished? Do you have high hopes for your team this season? Why not solidify your suspicions with a smart bet way ahead! Our extensive outright betting offer is just one form of pre-match betting. In the days, hours, and minutes leading up to that sports event to which you are looking forward so much, too, there’s excitement to be found. Feel the tension rise with every change of the odds as the start of the event is approaching! And the betting fun doesn’t even have to stop once the event has started. At, you can also bet live to further increase the entertainment value. Experience the full depth of your event as all the small details – in-game player form, weather situations, the reaction of the crowd– start to matter in real time. Can you correctly gauge the situation in the blink of an eye?

Mobile betting lets you bet on the go

We know that you can’t always be present in front of your computer screen, hunting for the best odds for tonight’s big game or following the action live to make your most clever decisions. Don’t worry, has you covered! Our sportsbook page runs as smoothly on your mobile device as it does on your desktop computer or laptop computer. You can use any platform available to you! There’s no software to download and install, you can just visit our sportsbook page. Need to check the status of your bets during dinner, at the office, or while stuck in traffic? Are you out with friends watching an exciting football game on which you would love to place a bet, without access to your traditional devices? As is easily available mobile, you simply need is to connect your smartphone or tablet to the internet, and you can place your bets - anytime, anywhere.

Plenty of extras to make your bets more interesting

Betting at is betting with a little extra, every time! For every bet you add to your accumulator bet or multi bet, 1% is added in extra winnings. This little extra push is automatically added every time, for every bet with at least 2 selections. To calculate this, simply add the percentage equal to the number of events in your bet. This amount is also shown on your bet slip before you confirm your bet. Thanks to this unique yet free award, you can make over 10% or much more of your potential win, only at! As you continue to play with us, you will be invited to participate in our vivid preview articles to spice up things during all the major sporting events with a strong focus on Belgium’s games. And if you are looking for more exclusives, you can like and follow our Facebook page. You will find a steady flow of added value in our social media community too.

Golden Palace, proud sponsor of sports events

At Golden Palace, we have always had a big heart for sports. Not just in the passive sense: we are also highly active in the promotion of talented teams in our most popular sports disciplines. As the proud sponsor of Belgian football teams KV Mechelen, RWD Molenbeek and RAAL La Louvière, and of Belgian Basketball league outfits Giants Antwerp and Spirou Charleroi, is always on your side! This also brings some exclusive perks to your sports betting experience at For example, we will stream all home games by Spirou Charleroi live on at If you’re a fan of these fabulous sports teams, you can expect The King of Fun to be present in your team’s stadium with unrivaled entertainment. Be sure to follow our sponsored teams through our social media outlets, too: you will always have front-row seats to their winning exploits!