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Betting at is offering a wide range of bets. Not just on the Premier League but all the other national and international football leagues too! On top of that, you will also find plenty of betting options on popular sports such as basketball, tennis and motorsports.

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How to win at sports betting ?

For every game we offer odds. The odds for favourite teams are always lower than for the outsiders. It’s up to you to pick the best odds offered based on your own football knowledge!

Let's take the game between Team01 and Team02 as an example. If you bet €20 on the following predictions, you could:

  • Win ResultTeam01 if you bet on Team01 and Team01 wins.
  • Win ResultDraw if you bet on a draw (“X”)
  • Win ResultTeam02 if you believe Team02 will be the strongest team despite Team01's home advantage

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